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Foreign languages July 6, 2007

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Speaking many languages is a standard nowadays. The new internationality requires young people to be flexible, cosmopolitan and have experience abroad. If you want to live one year abroad, you have many possibilities: One exchange semester abroad, doing an internship or volunteer work abroad, Volunteer work New Zealand. You will not only improve your language skills but also learn about the different culture and meet new people. If you do not have so much time, you can do a a language course abroad. For learning English you can go to Ireland (Cursos de ingles Irlanda) or England (Cursos ingles Londres), Sprachkurse Englisch another option is the United States ,English school New York. When you are looking for good French schools you will find them here: French language schools France. When you are in England you definitely have to visit London. In case you do not want to spend lots of money, you can stay in a hostel in London. If you are interested in learning Spanish, you can go to Sevilla for example and travel through Spain: Autoverhuur Sevilla. Madrid, the capital is a vibrant city with many tourist attractions and worth visiting. A 3 Star Hotel en Madrid costs about 80 € a night. The natural beauty of Spain’s countryside also attracts many tourists and is worth seeing, turismo rural Leon. Portuguese is spoken in Brasil and Portugal. Salvador de Bahia or in literal translation: “Holy Savior of All Saints’ Bay” is a city on the northeast coast of Brazil being a bastion of Afro Brazilian culture. You can go there to enjoy the culture and people as well as learn Portuguese, Oferta viaje Salvador de Bahia. Learning exotic languages like Russian, Japanese and Chinese becomes more and more popular. You can find a wide selection of language schools all over the world here: Sprachaufenthalt. You will surely profit from your stay abroad.

credits: http://foreignlanguageworld.info/


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