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Savoring the San Sebastian Flavor July 6, 2007

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LOCATED in the Basque region, San Sebastian is the summer capital of Spain. It is not only known with that title but San Sebastian, Spain also offers the best winery in all of Europe. A winery and culinary tour to that city and Bilbao is one of the fantasy adventures any tourist can have.
San Sebastian is located about 21 kilometers west of the French border. It is aptly called as a tasteful resort due to its reputable cuisine. There are lots of local travel agencies here which offer winery and culinary tours around the city on a daily basis. Don’t ever let your guard down since if you don’t have any reservation for any of these tours, you will be left behind. So be sure that when you are still in your home country, you have called Expedia or Travelocity ahead and book for the winery and culinary tours as far as two months early.
A typical winery and culinary tour starts when you are personally picked up at your hotel lobby in San Sebastian, Spain in no less than Mercedes. Of course, don’t be too pampered and let the chauffeur knock you in your hotel room. Wait at the hotel lobby as I’ve said.

credits: http://languagetravel.blogster.com/savoring_san_sebastian.html


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