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Spain, Malaga July 6, 2007

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Malaga is a long history of international city and the heart of Costa del sol of Spain. The speed of economic development is rapid, so Malaga is called “the city of the southern Europe” in the nature of thing. Aleixandre who was the winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature honored Malaga as “the city of paradise” in the past. Now, it has been the travel hotspot and the international traffic hinge. In the meanwhile, it is the economy bibcock of Andalucia. Otherwise, Malaga is the hometown of the famous maestro in the world Picasso. The most perfect Picasso museum established in Malaga on 27 October 2003. The museum collected 204 cherish Picasso works. The international curiosities are perfectly conjuncted with cryptic city. In this land, the most famous artist’s innovation spirit in the 21st century will inspirit generations of descendants. At this time, the Malaga delegation will take “Picasso hometown-Malaga” as its theme to show the root of this talented artist and the character of Malaga.

credits: http://travelworld.blogsome.com/


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