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Train travel July 6, 2007

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If you are not in a rush to get to your destination, and would like to see some countryside, then why not take a train?

Train travel is a great alternative to flying or driving. Trains can be fun, romantic, reasonably priced  and even fast. Many European travellers wouldn’t see the continent any other way. Train travel is the best way to see all landmarks. It isn’t so fast as air travelling, but is much more interesting, exiting and in addition is cheaper, you spend money and have one unforgettable experience. What better than this?


Train travel is intended for holiday travels, when You need of relax and take pleasure to a nature. But if travel on business  train isn’t good choice, because take time.

Now is time to share with You my personal opinion of train travel. When I was a student, our classmate very often took out us of an excursion and one of the most pleasures part of the excursion was the train travel. Inside everybody had fun, listened music and played games (mainly cards). I remember that looked through the window, watched all beautiful nature, sightseeing, every bird and cloud in the sky. Every nook and corner pleased the eye. I drew imaginary pictures and felt as free as a bird. The feeling was indescribable… Can go with train almost where you want and I recommend you if still aren’t travel with train to try immediately.

credits: http://www.reallifelog.com/travelresources/archive/42243/


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