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Travel in Spain July 6, 2007

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a much overdue session with the UO course guide was hashed out tonight. and, actually, i loved it. as a result, i feel less weighted down. exhalation at its finest. i’m even a bit excited to start school and begin the track to the awesome career i’ll list soon. one thing i am most grateful for is just how many options i have there. sure, it’ll be rainy, crowded, familiar, and too close to home…but if i start with journalism, it’s no problem to switch to communications or English or Theater or Cultural Anthropology or whatever it is i decide i want to delve into. and for that, UO finally gets a plus in my book.

my ultimate job as of now: International Journalist in Cross-Cultural Communication and Cultural Studies.

sounds silly, but wait until you hear what i get to do in preparation for that: I take The College of Romance Language by the horns and in return will learn more Spanish, Portugese, French, and Italian than i could ever even hope for. the study abroad programs sound terrific and it also sounds as if scholarship funding for them isn’t too shabby either. case and point: i study two terms in Sevilla, Spain via the Spanish program. Or, if i don’t want to visit a place i’ve already been…put my Portugese to the test and go to Brazil. hell. fucking. yes.

credits: http://travel.blog.mongenie.com/


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